Medford, Oregon Small Tree Planting Service

Plant a Tree and Help the Planet . Let us help you be more Green.

Medford Lawn Service Plants Trees

Our Tree Planting Prices are worth sitting back and watching us plant.  We always recommend planting younger newer trees, so that they root quicker and you as the Homeowner have more options as to what type of tree you would like.  
There are a variety of trees in the Rogue Valley. Well, there are numerous tree varieties in Oregon overall.  With the diverse climate trees can thrive with the correct planting, watering and sometimes feeding(young ones need extra nourishment). With our green thumbs and tree knowledge, we can assist in recommending the right tree for your landscape. 


There are many benefits to having a tree or trees involved in your landscape:

  • Shade:  During those summer months, having a tree in your yard that shades you and your delicate plants is beneficial. Shade can give certain areas of your landscape a rest either from the morning or afternoon sun.  Take into consideration your shade plants and shrubs as well. They thrive off the cooling effects of a tree's shade.  Yes, trees are shady yet you can always trust they'll stand their ground.   
  • Landscape Design: Trees offer a grounding feature and also an ornamental look to your landscape.  Having specific areas in your yard that your trees are planted will make a big difference in the look of your yard and the design you are desiring. 
  • Memories:  Plant a tree for a child's birth or for the memory of someone you love.  Starting with a young tree will allow the tree to grow with your family's memories and special events in the upcoming future. 
  • Pure Outdoor Enjoyment: Do you enjoy outdoor parties?  Do you see your landscape as a work of art?  Allow us to plant your trees in such a way that adds character that you, your family and friends can enjoy.