Lawn Care

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Medford Lawn Mowing

Residential Lawn Mowing Service:

We offer a Variety Choices for Residential Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care Services.  We can assist you in choosing a package that is best for you.  You also can't beat the fact we provide your Doggie Companion a friendly treat every now and then.  Here is what you will receive with each of our Lawn Service Packages gives you:

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Basic Lawn Care Package: 
Our Basic Package is just what it is.  You as the client just want general maintenance and nothing more.  Just a service to take care of the basic lawn care needed.  We can offer just that.  Here is what your Basic Lawn Service Includes:

  • Lawn Edging
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Trim Shrubs and Bushes
  • Clearing of Weeds
  • Blowing away Yard Debris
  • Stellar Customer Service
Medford Oregon Landscape Maintenance
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​Premium Lawn Care Package:
Our Premium Package is our Basic Package with extras.  You as the Client need want just a little more in your lawn care. This lawn package is for you:

  • Basic Lawn Maintenance Package
  • Fertilizer(Seasonal and Upon Necessity)
  • And a Great Smile...

Supreme Lawn Care Package:
This is the "Mack Daddy" of the Lawn Care Service we offer.  It includes all the above Landscape Maintenance Services except the Kitchen Sink.  All you need to do is sit back in your lawn chair and enjoy the results, which is a lush, vibrant green landscape.  This Lawn Service Package includes the following:

  • Weekly Maintenance of Landscape (edge, mow and blow)
  • Fertilize Lawns according to season and necessity
  • Trimming of Trees(from arms reach down)
  • Hand Trim Roses
  • Assess and Treat fungus and lawn and plant pests
  • Some Landscape Updates(specified with each client)